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Why settle for second best!

Why settle for second best!

Why do we settle for average, why settle for second best when you can have the best quality workmanship out there, with one of the best customer care service that we are so proud of!

Davidson's DPR really do care, we take pride in all our work and combined damp proofing, plastering, restoration and renovations with artistry, taking things and projects to the next level, always trying to go beyond our customers expectations.

We listen to want you really want, we give you options and come up with the best solutions to suit your needs.  After every wall, room and project is finished we check everything is right, up to our standard quality control, making sure everything is clean and tidy, corners tight & crisp, angle beads shining, small attention to details that shows we care.  Scraped floor, hoovered carpets, windows & doors clean where other companies might miss out these details we want to set the standard that separates us from the rest

We want our reputation to echo on to our next jobs, to all our customers and potential customers - we try to set the standard for the rest of the industry.  You can have the highest quality work with great customer care, have honest polite workman who are clean and tidy and take pride in their work, getting the standards you deserve without getting ripped off.  We see a lot of work that's not up to standard and doesn't show the same dedication or care we show - not only is the work substandard but way over priced.  There are companies out there are dedicated to excellence and make a tidy job, but I am not talking about them, I am talking about the ones who don't make a great job, cut corners and give the industry a bad name.

I know at Davidson's DPR we give every project love and care, attention to detail which you can see in all our work, never cutting corners and getting it right first time, treating every property as if it's our own making a long lasting relationship.  As people we don't mind spending our hard earned cash on something that's worth it, higher quality that works or is done right or even paying a little extra for that pair of shoes, for a new phone, nicer food or the car you really want or the house plastered, a new kitchen, bathroom, damp proofing, extension these things are what we save up for.  We dont mind paying for something we know is quality and work and is done right, but it's when we pay and it's not quality we end up spending twice as much to replace or put things right that we expected to right in the first place.  This is unfair and very hurtful to the industry which is very annoying.  We want to restore the faith in those people who have had bad experiences or worried about this happening to them, we just want to deliver the highest quality work to the people who expect, and know in the industry we are one of the best in damp proofing, plastering, restorations and renovations - we want to give you that something special which you talk about because you deserve it.

Why choose us?

Damp proofing, plastering, restoration and renovations, its like most things in this life, when spending our hard earned money we want a company who we can trust, who delivers on quality, and at a good price, so when we are choosing a hotel or a flight we go with the people who we trust, where you're guaranteed quality.  It gives you peace of mind - Harley Davidson have been making the most beautiful bikes in the world, it's guaranteed satisfaction because they are dedicated to perfection the same way as Davidson's DPR.

It's the same philosophy, we're always pushing, always trying to achieve, hard work and dedication gets results.  It's the same in martial arts, it takes many years to master any chosen martial art, to learn the techniques, the katas, the sparring, the fighting.  In the UFC every fighter has to be ready for anything, to be the best you have to be the master of what you do, inside the octagon they have to master stand up, ground game, and grappling, they have to have every angle covered, every tool to deal with any situation inside the octagon; Muay Thai, wrestling, BJJ, it's the same as Davidson's DPR we have got it covered, damp proofing, timber treatments, plastering, renovations, building, electric, plumbing, no matter where the project goes we have the experience and the knowledge to deal with any situation.  We will always deliver on our word, and act with honesty, honour, respect, professionalism, integrity and sincerity. 



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Sunday, 23 January 2022

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